ClickCease Max Linn for U.S. Senate
The only candidate who can beat Angus King.


Trade Policies: 

Max Linn fully opposes globalist free trade deals such as NAFTA. As a U.S. Senator Max will work to make sure that Maine’s workers are given top priority and that their high wage jobs aren’t sent overseas. 


Max Linn supports the deportation of all illegal immigrants. As a U.S. Senator Max will work with President Trump to advance the construction of a wall and additional security measures on the Southern Border to stop the flow of drugs, human trafficking, and additional threats to our nation’s security. He will work to defund “sanctuary cities”, which seek to undermine federal immigration laws and pose a danger to the safety of communities across the country. He will work to establish merit-based immigration. 


Max Linn has forty years of real life business experience in the financial world.  As a U.S. Senator Max will work with the Trump Administration to secure hundred of millions in infrastructure money to make sure that Maine has the best schools, roads, ports, bridges, airports, rail, and broadband in the nation.

Strong Military:

Max Linn has invested his time at Walter Reed Hospital and established a foundation for veterans and their families. As U.S. Senator Max will fight to make sure veterans and their families receive their benefits. He will bring strong opposition to America’s involvement in continued Middle East wars, and he will be a strong ally to Bath Iron Works, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and DFAS. 

2nd Amendment:

Max Linn is a member of the NRA. As a U.S. Senator Max will be an unwavering def
ender of the Second Amendment. He will fight all efforts to erode constitutional right to bear arms.

Right to Life: 

Max Linn is Pro-Life. As a U.S. Senator Max will work to advance the cause of Pro-Life legislation.  

Opioid Crisis: 

As a U.S. Senator Max will work with the Trump Administration to put an end to the Opioid Crisis. He will work to advance policies that both help ensure access to treatment and foster economic opportunities. He also supports exploring the death penalty for those who deal opioids into our communities.